No matter where you plant them, Little Trees will make bad smells disappear like they never even existed because "Noses Don't Need to Know".

360 Campaign

Copywriter: Joel Austin


Noses Don't Need to Know how bad New York City smells in the summer. So this Christmas in July, Little Trees is going to give its city of origin the greatest gift of all. Little Trees will take over Rockefeller Plaza with the “Biggest Little Tree”. The tree will be decorated in Little Trees that’ll serve as takeaways for people to use during the season.

Biggest Little Tree NY.png

Little Trees will respond to complaints about bad smells on social media and give people free Little Trees.

:30 SPOT

Little Trees will create commercials depicting humorous, real life situations that smell horrible with Little Trees replacing the bad smell. These ads would run on channels that have young, comedy–focused viewers (AdultSwim, Comedy Central).


Little Trees will publish a promoted article for The Onion stating they’re taking the campaign to the new medium of armpits. While the article is satirical, the idea of ads in armpits is not per a recent Adweek publication.

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